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Nude Teen Photo 887
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Visit these sites for more: Votes:
Nude Teen Photo 887
Abby Winters Girls 301
Petite Teen Girls 260
Young and Yummy 236
Efotolab 236
RIO Teens 200
Tiny Titz 194
Fine Art Teens 187
Small Taboo Pics 184
Nude Teen Models 154
Young Petites 146
Pure Scans 138
Next XXX Pictures 128
The Karups 114
VIP Teenies 107
Kind Young Girls 101
Young Nudism Pics 97
Nudist Family 84
Forbidden Nudists 79
Daddy I\\\'m Nude 74
Daddys Secret Desire 72
Tiny Nude Teen 62
Young Nude Sirens 61
Petite Nubiles 60
Teens Folder Daddy 58
Erotic Teens Photos 51
Petite Young Babes 50
Petite Nudes 45
Teen 43
Ukraine Kitties Movies 41
Petite Nude 37
Petite Teen World 34
Nude Erotic Teens 29
Innocent Cute Vagina 23
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Videos at Porn Harvest
Windows : This weeks Best of FEMJOY is dedicated to our lovely brunette model, Verena. While Verena can be seen in a number of series inside our site, the shot you see here comes from her amazing series, entitled Windows. It was shot by Manfred Baumann, the famous Austrian photographer, working for Playboy and many other first class magazines. Enjoy The Views Exotique Next To My Heart : Raia Unchained : This weeks Best of FEMJOY series features Lea in a collection of hushed, sensuously lit images entitled Unchained. But wait a minute. Isnt that word chains a signifier of something you wouldnt expect from FEMJOY - the thrills of gentle bondage often practiced in dark dungeons and Japanese galleries? Two Dreams Do It Again : This new set, featuring the scrumptuous blonde Czech model, Jana E., is a bit of an encore. We have a lot of photos and videos of this young beauty on our site, but of course, when youre this hot, people are always asking you back to their house. And if youre Jana E., and the house is FEMJOY, youre always willing to oblige. The Golden Cage Simply Perfect Voluptuous : Delina G. Queen Of Diamonds : Ah Belinda... such a cutie... such a beauty. The comments weve received for this photo set made it easy for us to choose Belinda and her tiara for our Best of Femjoy this week. Outrageously adorable writes one member. Grace, beauty, and raw sexuality... writes another member. Pamela : Chances are, even if youre not a member, youve laid eyes on Pamela. Shes one of our most popular FEMJOY models, and her face consistently appears near everyones favorites list or on their My Choice pages. And so, to all her fans, were exciting this week to profile her stunning moving picture, entitled, quite simply and appropriately, Pamela. Field Of Gold : Linda A. My 50 Faces : Lorena G. Wonder Girl Free Spirit Closest to Heaven : I know we often talk about how hot our photo-sets are, but this one truly hits the title Best of FEMJOY. The sets starts of with just Idonia and her perfect little body. Then she picks up some long blue ribbons and begins to dance with them, elegantly accentuating the curve of hips, her lovely behind, and her modelesque face. Amazing View Until the End : Corinna Play With Me Not A Dream The Empress Exotic Beauty : When we first met Adrienne, we thought... Wow... what a beautiful woman. This is certainly true, but what we didnt know was how experienced she was... around the world. Yes, she is exotically beautiful, but she can also cook up a mean fajita she even made some for the crew! speaks several languages, and can sing the national anthem of 7 countries around the world! A Situation Eye Contact : The beauty and skill of Ukrainian ballerinas is legendary around the world. The training system there is extraordinary, turning out some of the most talented dancers anywhere. And one of those dancers has joined the FEMJOY fold and posed naked for us, and indeed, her body is pure art. Femjoy : Tanaia J. Pretty Innocent : Yuki Braid My Hair : It is always a joy when Desiree returns to FEMJOY, as she has so many times. We have thousands of photos of this perfect young woman with the famous long blonde hair. And in this set, she has braided her hair giving her an extra cute look. No Limit Lucky Us Humidity So Free Make Me Smile : FEMJOY, over the years, has come to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Pure nudes. Real girls. Perfect photos. Sensual videos. But now and then we get a comment from a member that helps us remember what its all about, and one such comment came to us recently. To paraphrase Exclusive In Bed With : Jane F. Waiting For You Pleasure : This weeks exclusive photo set features the unbelievably adorable Rosalin. Talk about cute! Wow! Her smile could melt the ice caps! She also has those kind of eyes that you can really fall into, and not ever want to leave. On top of that, she is easily one of the sweetest girls we have ever had the pleasure of capturing. I like it New : Heidi Romanova Simply Beautiful My Time : When each week we take the time to select a Best Of model for our newsletter, we scan through the gallery looking for excellence in pure nudity. Of course, with as many nude girls as FEMJOY has in its archive, this can take a while. But we always know weve found it when one glowing face jumps out at us as perhaps slightly more excellent than the rest. Thats what happened when we laid eyes on Jacie. New Here : Vasilisa Natural Feelings : Alisha Graduation Night : It was really no contest this week to decide our Best of FEMJOY photo series. When you come across a set as unbelievably arousing as Graduation Night featuring Beatrix, Laila, and Loretta, you just know you have a winner. Cuboid : This series, aptly entitled Cuboid, is an exciting and invigorating look at how contrasting shapes can add to the aesthetic power of a photo set. It is also testament to the quality of image and mise-en-scene that you can expect from every FEMJOY photo series posted. Our photographers are professionals with an eye for excellence. Try It Tenderness At The Pool : Li Moon A Real Woman : Delina G. Extremely Attractive : Heidi Romanova My Dreams : We all have fantasies, but some of us have fantasy lives that are richer than others. Those with especially rich fantasy lives are able to take in the images of the world and incorporate them into a personal narrative. And we at FEMJOY are here to facilitate that process. We give you incredible images of beautiful girls so that you can populate your fantasies with the most enticing images imaginable. My Day At The Office : Yuki Gorgeous Hidden : Our Best of FEMJOY girl this week is Susanna, who is a definite member favorite. With 12 photo series and 4 movies, shes also one of our most represented models. If you like Susanna and who doesnt? theres plenty of her inside our site. Showroom Play With Me : Melissa caused quite a flurry of comments with her most recent set, Play With Me, which we have selected as the Best of FEMJOY this week. Enter Melissa on the table, whose lacy black lingerie comes of quickly. Then enter her round, fit backside - perhaps the true star of this set. Sporty Ballet : Elvira U. With A Smile : Eufrat It Feels So Good Underground : It might be something often said, but the best thing we can say about this photo set is that you are quite simply not going to believe your eyes. In an incredible combination of atmosphere and model, our FEMJOY photographer has come up with a Desiree series that does more than any other to showcase her incredible golden hair. And the result is a set of images so sensuously mystical, it may just bring tears to your eyes. Foxy Lady : How does FEMJOY do it? You know those kind of girls you see only now and then...and usually in magazines or in the movies? They are so hot, so beautiful, so statuesque, you swear that they have descended from the Palace of the Gods and will soon return to the Paradise from which they came, far before you ever get to see their TRUE know, the kind of beauty thats under all those beautiful clothes? Take This Chance : Xana D. Im Yours Come With Me : Luna is one of our favorites at FEMJOY. Her lovely colored skin, dark hair, and alluring eyes make a dramatic statement. And of course, this is helped along by the young, perfect shape of her body. There is something most remarkable about her long thighs... Primaballerina : Meli X. Whisper It So Emotional : Laila blew everyone at FEMJOY away again this girl keeps surprising us! in her newest set So Emotional. She gets really comfortable on a wicker couch, and rolls around showing us all angles of her perfect smooth body. Skilled photographer Lorenzo goes from wide angle to close shot with an artistic eye that enhances the pleasure of this set. Stay at Home : What an exotic beauty we have in Gina. Shes a FEMJOY girl through and through. 21 years old, glowingly beautiful, and all too willing to pose in fully nude, deliciously explicit images for our members. Shes happy to please, and we are happy to be pleased. Teach Me How To Do It : This weeks exclusive photo series features the always adorable and oh so sweet Dori K. Just look at those lips! Face To Face : Julia S. Guess What Sitting, Waiting, Wishing : Sitting, waiting and wishing to see the sweet and beautiful Danica is what many of our members find themselves doing - and for good reason. Every set weve had the privilege of doing with Danica has been received with so many wonderful comments. We think shes the tops, as do many others. Join Me For More : Milla D. Between Her Legs Explicit : Nasita On A Good Day Yours In Action The Autumn Effect Provocateur : Xana D. Rain for the Roses : Kinga Premiere Finally Holidays : Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics. You have to remind yourself of why you do it, what you do, and what you want to get out of it. And FEMJOYhas done that with this recent set, starring the sexy Olivia. What do you think of when you think of FEMJOY? Probably, first and foremost, you think of pure nudes in pure natural settings. And thats what you have here. As basic, and as beautiul, as it gets. Taste Of Her Wet Morning Stimulation : As many a man knows, morning time is the right time for love. And when Aideen is your guest, love is easy to come by. This fresh young face has been stimulating FEMJOY members for some months now, and its always good. Cow Girl Portrait Of A Lady Must Be My Imagination High In The Mist : Annika A. The Way I Like It : This weeks exclusive photo set features the lovely Polly E. When we first met Polly, she was a secretary in an office and eager to let loose and shed her short skirt suit. Of course, we were more than happy to oblige her! Nevermind Undress Me Full of Energy : Young women do the most wonderful things, dont they? Like decide to pose nude for FEMJOY. Thats exactly what Larissa, the sexy young thing from Spain, has decided to do, and we couldnt be happier. Summer Breakfast : Talk about a breath of fresh air, a flash of warm summer, a breeze of delightful bliss. Thats Magda. So clear and clean, shes a blonde lovely model with a cute face and a great body, and shes here in this classic FEMJOY set enjoying an outdoor breakfast totally in the nude. Promises : It isnt enough to put up photos of beautiful naked girls. A lot of sites do that. What FEMJOY does is actually take it to the next level. How, you ask? Well, this weeks Best Of photo set shows the answer. Golden River : Femjoy has come to be known for many things - exclusive beautiful young models, exquisitely natural videos, gorgeous professional photography. But one of the things on which we really pride ourselves is our nude nature photography. A genre all to its own, and perfected in Europe, nude nature photography is, in a sense, the beginning of photography, for over 150 years ago French photographers began taking nude pictures of young women in nature, and a new world was born. Wow : Rena Caress Me : Dara W. I Know You Like It This Is Me Love Me Softly Love Is Not Enough A Dream Come True Premiere Premiere : Nasita I Need A Cold Shower Cornfield Hideaway Aura : When a photographer gets this close to heaven, he knows that hes been doing something right. And in this case, Depp, the lensman for this shoot, that something right was picking the location, the time of day, and the model for his FEMJOY shoot. The location was a slow, shallow river in southern Austria. The time of day was late afternoon, around 5 pm in the summer. And the model was Vika, a glowing blonde petite young lady from Vienna who had never posed naked or in clothes, for that matter. She was a modeling virgin, and she glowed like the stars. Mellor : Suzanna A Mellor by Goncharov A Bridge To You : Rarely has a FEMJOY photo set made so clear the connection between female and social architecture. But in this new set, A Bridge To You, featuring the incredibly built Lizzie, that connection becomes clear. Pleasantly clear. Sensually clear. Highly erotically clear. No Shy : Myla So Adorable : Lily C. starts of in her so adorable black polka-dotted bikini. She is on a sandy beach, with the ocean waves lapping at her feet. She takes off the little bikini in the most delightful way, enjoying every step of the process. And then comes the mass of photos of her completely nude... Behind Blue Eyes : Alice V. Sexy : Myla Moroccan Dreams : Some girls have the looks, and some girls have the look. Gabi has both, but whats so special about her is those eyes. Look into them, and try not to sink deeper into her snare. She will capture your heart with her eyes, and youll never escape. But who would want to? Premiere Simply Perfect : Sabrina G. Burlesque Secret Love : Adelia B. Brand New Day : Pure sophistication and perfection is the case with this beautiful set of indoor photos. Again, here you have the creme of the crop at FEMJOY - one of the most beautiful models with one of the best photographers out there. Only You Premiere : Manu E. If You Want to Party : Now this set is one of the reasons Femjoy has the best reputation for erotic art on the web. Take a gorgeous blonde bombshell with a perfectly scultped body and adorable face. Add a creative set for her to play with and pose against. And you have pure party. Sea Liberation Only You Single Carrots : Just because FEMJOY is the most successful pure nude art site on the planet doesnt mean we cant have a little clean erotic fun. And thats what youll get in this new photo set, Carrots, starring the ever delightfu Coxy, and shot by the master of all FEMJOY photographers, Stefan Soell. Magic : Maria Rya Get Wild : Amelie is hands down one of our favorites here at FEMJOY. Take a look. Is there any question why? Nope. She starts off this playful photoset in a pair of white underwear. She seems to wonder why they are on as she plays around amongst the sunlit green leaves. And to our delight she takes them off. And then this wood nymph really gets going. Day And Night Stay Here With Me : Davina E. Your Hands on Me : Sarah has been a star here on FEMJOY since her first appearance in 2007. Young, perky, creamy, blonde Sarah started then, and has continued through to this photoset impressing us with her cute smile and incredle body. Want to see the perfect girl? Well check out this set. And then check out the vast archive of photos we have on Sarah, and youll see our blonde babe in all sorts of locations. Natural Feeling : Xana D. Maid Brightest Star : This weeks exclusive photo series features the always beautiful, always voluptuous and always adorable Sofie. Magnificent... Another Femjoy stunning beauty... and Staggeringly beautiful are just a few of the many comments weve received for this beloved Femjoy beauty. Be Here Now A Moment For Myself Apple Season : New model Anja C. is so deliciously sweet in this set that she made the Best of FEMJOY right away! Anja C. has found a beautiful, lush, apple-full location to show the many things her young fit body can do. The images are filled with such erotic lushness it will remind you of biting into a tart apple - it will wake you up to pay attention and tantalize you with its sweetness. Come explore with Anja C. all the possibilities she has to show you. You Choose Naked If Possible : When it comes to the Best of FEMJOY, it doesnt get much better than Eufrat. We might have more of her on our site than any other model, and the reason for that is easy to see. Shes an incredibly attractive young woman, providing hours of pleasure to our eager members. Royal : We like to think that all the models on FEMJOY are royalty. After all, where are you going to find a more beautiful, gifted, divine collection of females? Truly, they are all given to us by some benevolent creator to make our lives more pleasant. Royal Red Barfly : As most of you know, the models on FEMJOY and 65533are usually not even models. Most of them are working girls. They hold down real jobs, just like you and me. No glamour, no snobbery. Just pure natural ordinary girls, who, of course, also happen to be stunningly erotic and beautiful. Dolce Vita : In much of the FEMJOY world the vast majority of our members come from the Northern Hemisphere, winter is setting in and its cold, cold, cold. But its not cold in every part of the world, and if youre lucky enough to be hanging out around the sunny Mediterranean, you can still find some warmth in the air. Especially if youre a FEMJOY photographer and youve brought along the beautiful warm blonde beauty of Amandine! Direct : This week there was no contest to which album would be selected as the Best of FEMJOY due to the huge number of comments and the pure sexiness of Ramona in this set. Who wants open legs? You got it here. Close-ups of her lovely lips and buttocks, full body shots with her young fresh face. Whatever you want, this set has got. French Maid My Body Language The Best Nightmare on Earth Featuring Chastity Lynn in her First Released Gangbang : Porn starlet Chastity Lynn explores her fantasy of being tied up, taken down, and fucked hard by a group of ruthless hillbillies! This is her first released gangbang and you DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT! Bobby and Cheryl take a day trip up into LAs Tujunga canyon, where on an isolated dirt road a blow job turns into a public disgrace when two local rednecks catch our young lovers in the act! Their troubles continue when they try to leave and discover their car is out of gas. Cheryl stays in the car while Bobby must walk back to the highway to get gas.Cheryl cant do anything but sit and wait, thinking about those crude hillbillies in the truck. They got a real kick out of watching her suck her boyfriends cock. They could come back at anytime and in this remote, isolated canyon, anything can happen. Who knows what they would want? Who knows what they would demand from her? She would be helpless to resist. Keen : Marla O. Pokerface Enjoy Like The First Time : Liza K. My Way : So we try not to pick every one of Ariels sets to give our FEMJOY awards to. But there is something so striking about Ariels sensuality and creativity that, we have a hard time. We dont pick every one, as there are many deserving shoots out there, but Ariel definitely has the most of any model. And this photo-set is an excellent example of why. Ariel is a true embodiment of erotic art. Under Pleasure : Mira M. Bohemian Style : Rena Nude Camper : Chances are, the majority of FEMJOY members value the great outdoors. Maybe some of them live near it, some of them visit it now and then, and some of them even go the extra mile to plunge headlong into it through adventure camping and hiking. But chances are, they value it, because the great outdoors is such a central element to what we do. We not only give you gorgeous girls, but we give the most beautiful natural settings of any erotic website in the world. Breakfast : Some of our series capture your imagination because of their beautiful natural settings and the way the model fits into the landscape, accentuating and being accentuated by it. Other series on FEMJOY are studio nudes, highly composed and elegant, carrying with them an essence of pure aesthetic construction. And then there are our domestic shoots - beautiful girls posing nude in their home, giving you a glimpse of what it must be like to be with them as they lounge around naked, doing their daily routine or playing with themselves in their bed. Smiles Special Treat : Xana D. Happy Spring All Yours : Sabrisse Coffee Break Rehearsal High : Annika A. Hello Stranger : Niemira Here For You Tea or Coffee : To our eyes, the new FEMJOY model Beatrice is about one of the hottest girls on the site. And the members agree! Check out these comments Monolith : After looking at her photos, one can hardly keep from admitting that there is truly something magical about Mona. Sure, there are lots of pretty girls on FEMJOY. But when you look into Monas eyes, peruse her perfect youthful form, and emotionally connect to her sensual power, you are quickly led under her sway and you feel yourself falling in love. Oktoberfest : From Ditas first photos set with us which was immediately selected as a Best of FEMJOY set thru today she has continued to deliver sexy, creative, intimate photos. She is truly amazing. She makes us speechless. We love to see what she comes up with, and we cant wait to see what she does next! Just You And I Hello : Davina E. Real Estate Consultant Secret Campfire : Now and then there comes a photo set on FEMJOY that simply blows the lid off what one thinks is possible in the world of erotic imagery. What is portrayed in the images is so breath-taking, so stunning, so sensually arousing, you almost lose your mind looking at the photos. And such is the case with this new set entitled Secret Campfire and starring the Perfect 10 duo of Valerie and Kandice. Feeling Pink : It seems that Simona cant do a set without us wanting to give her a FEMJOY award. But what use is there trying to moderate our love of this girl? Simona is a hit among the FEMJOY crew and our FEMJOY members alike. Shes a superstar in full blossom. With many parts of her blossoming in their full glory. And in this photo set, you get to see that from all angles. Innocent : Alisha Join : Milla D. Shadows of Passion Chef Freckles Here Comes The Sun When You Kiss Me : One of the great things about FEMJOY that sets it apart from other sites is that it features moving pictures videos that coincide with a photo set. In other words, you get to look at the pictures and then see a video of the same girl, same setting, and enjoy it in real time. Its a thrilling way to behold the pristine beauty of our all nude super models. I Love You : Niemira Kaitlin Contemporary

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