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Visit these sites for more: Votes:
Nude Teen Photo 443
Petite Teen Girls 350
The Karups 301
Tiny Titz 299
Fine Art Teens 202
Little Bree Pics 201
Young and Yummy 195
Abby Winters Girls 193
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a huge experience : Milena D. easy : When Jessica cam though the door, we were stunned by her natural character. She is so sweet and she just loved the idea of getting naked in front of us to show what she usually does on a lazy afternoon at home. She has a very nice pussy and loves to play with it. So lean back and enjoy watching Jessica as much as she enjoyed to masturbate in front of our camera. Goodbye My Love : Mary Kalisy, Sylvan happy ending : Who doesnt like a massage - especially one with a happy ending! Well, Katie gets one here and it sure is a good one. Angelo takes his time with her and Katie enjoys every second of it. Why rush after all? Shes got nowhere else to be today and nowhere shed rather be either. Watching her sweet pussy getting massaged is such a turn on - especially when she joins in with the rubbing. Even better is watching her adorable face as she cums. A happy ending indeed. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as she enjoyed getting it. The squirting interview : Lutro, Melody Petite HAPPY ENDING : Maria C. Waiting for Him : Samuel, Vanda watch me : Rena Another Way In : Billie, Johny relax : Fiva just woke up this morning and heads into her washroom. Shes feeling very relaxed shes at home, comfortable, and in the routine of doing what she does everyday. But this morning something else comes to her mind and hellip she thinks of you watching her and smiles. Maybe she should take advantage of her extra time, languorous mood, and open bathtub? Yes, we fully approve, Fiva always has the best ideas! Shes a no-nonsense kind of girl and after quickly taking off her clothes she fully indulges in the warmth of the water, the gaze of the camera, and the beauty of the morning. SIMPLE WISHES : Taylor V. Sex : Well folks... here it is... our first sex video. And to christen the event, we have the ever so sexy and always beautiful Miela. O.K... so heres what happened... we planned on doing just a masturbating video with Miela - which would have been great on its own! - but, fortunately for all of us, she was so horny, and got so exited, she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend Tom who was at the shoot hanging out. Naturally, we asked if they wouldnt mind us filming them in action and much to our pleasure - and yours, we hope - they were more than happy to oblige us. We hope you enjoy this maiden voyage as much as we did... and as much as we know they did! Alone at Home : Stacey is home alone this afternoon. She welcomes in the video crew with a warm smile and bounces right over to her couch that she has set in the middle of the room for this special occasion. Its an intimate space for many reasons because we have been invited into her home, because she wants to enact her private fantasies for us, and because she shows her fresh ripe body completely naked. She makes it clear that she loves doing all of these things in her actions, voice, and warm, inviting body. In the middle of her living room she shares with you what she does at home alone and ndash and her favorite thing to do is bare, naked, and full of pleasure. Masturbation : At first, Caprice appears shy, but in private, she is anything but - as she shows us in this wonderful, 100 real, moment of pleasure. After putting on her jewlery and pampering herself a bit - which makes her feel even sexier she explained - this adorable and sensuous beauty shows you how not shy she is. Slowly, and gently, she begins touching herself as if for the first time. Its so sexy. Pretty soon, shes on her knees, pretending it was you who is touching her, and it only gets better from there. Finally, as if no one else were around, she cums so good... its such a pleasure to watch! Enjoy! Pleasant Surprise : Alexis, Enzo Sensual : Sensual is just one word to describe Celeste and hellip sexy and hellip gorgeous and hellip intoxicating and hellip mesmerizing and hellip all these words apply to this beautiful babe, and we could keep going. For now, though, lets focus on what shes doing and hellip pleasuring herself without any inhibitions. Celeste really know her body and she doesnt waste any time getting it to feel good and hellip first with her hands and then with her favorite toy. Whatever she uses, she manages to make herself cum, and it is so hot to watch. We hope you enjoy watching Celeste be sensual with herself as much as she did and hellip Wet and Clean : Alexis B., Nick celebration : Alberto, Lucy H. EUPHORIA : As always, the lovely Tasha has no problem letting us view her in her euforia. Not only is she beautiful, sensual and sexy... shes also very, very patient, A quality we love! Tasha is in no rush and has nothing to do or would rather, it seems but take her sweet, sweet time pleasing herself for our pleasure... and hers! After a while though, things start to heat, and speed up as she works her way closer and closer towards euforia... and then, she smiles, and no words are neccessary. Its a pleasure and a joy to watch this sensual beauty paying so much focused attention on herself - it was euforic for us as well. My Favorite Chair : Candice One Step Further : Johny, Sunny G. Two Girls and A Boy : Ivy, Tyler N., Uma Z. Chess Companion : Junia, Martin Voyeur : Holly Locker Room Lust : Anita B., Lucy H. Pure Lust : Richie C., Sage E. ENJOYING THE SUMMER : Sara wasted no time enjoying herself this summer - and had no problem showing us either. Her lack of inhibition is such a turn on the crew had a bit of trouble concentrating at times actually. Not a problem though, they got it together just in time to capture this adorable golden-haired beauty enjoy herself in the best way we can think of. Her eagerness to climax is evident and watching her get there is so much fun. When she does, it is sweet and soft and very satisfying. Watching Sara enjoy her summer this way can make any winter day warm and cozy. MY STORY : In this very open, honest and revealing interview, Jayden tells us her story... and what a sexy story it is. She has no problem talking about her body, how its changed, and what she likes to do with it - both on and off camera. Hearing her talk about how she likes to masturbate and why she likes using her hands rather than devices is, well... very exiting. And after each nugget of uninhibited truth, we are treated to a display of what shes talking about. Sexy and confident, she touches herself for the camera with no hesitation whatsoever, making her even sexier. We hope you enjoy her story as much as we did. touch me and lick me : We have just returned from Prague and we returned with a lot of new scenes from the worlds most amazing girls. This time it was Abigail and Denisa giving us literally a very hard time. The two ladies had an incredible time together and had no fear to have sex in front of our cameras at all. They licked and fingered each other so sensually and so hot that we believed they waited for this day all year long. Well, maybe they did... fucking my trainer : Jason X., Lexi D. PERFECT LOVERS : Giselle L. watch me cum : In this sexy video the ever so beautiful Heather takes her sweet time getting comfortable... which is good... because once she starts touching herself, theres no stopping her - and we sure are glad about that! Watching her rub her beautiful tight little pussy is such a turn on, but its when she puts her fingers in that things start to get intense. Shes already beautiful, but seeing her experience so much pleasure makes her even more beautiful. Enjoy! Just Me : Miela true love : Miela and Tom are back. The both have a great sex life and one of the things turning Miela on is to have sex while others are watching. She enjoyed the first film with us so much that she simply wanted more. Well, we were very happy to help her out again this week -Watch this this video to see how much Miela loves to feel this strong cock inside of her. Hear her screaming loud while Tom penetrates her deeply. A truly exiting experience to watch this couple having real sex. Enjoy! boy meets girl : Its the oldest story in the book, but it never gets old. Boy meets girl and... well, you know the rest.... and here it is. Watching the adorable and sexy Evilyn get her sweet pussy filled was so exiting. She really enjoyed it. It got a bit hard literally to stay in the room the whole time.But hey, were not complaining! Just the opposite in fact. Were so glad to have been able to capture this boy and this girl, together, and bring it you. We hope you enjoy it as much as they did. before sunset : Some consider the minutes just before sunset to be a magical time and hellip and with Jospephine, it is sure to be that and hellip and more. So sexy and curvacious, Josephine would be any mans dream come true. This time, she is Dens, and he takes full advantage of the experience. Slowly and softly, he enjoys her tight, sweet and wet pussy, and she enjoys every second of it. Neither is any rush and hellip and it shows. Come in and see these two enjoy the sunset in the best way they know how and hellip with each other. Enjoy! SWEET AFTERNOON : Celeste Sexy Feet : Denis D., Victoria B. wet fingers : Theres nothing quite like watching a cute, sexy girl in the shower. And when that girl is Maria... well, its just that much better! After washing most of her body, she decides to focus on her sweet, cleanly shaven pussy... and focus she does. A little bit of soap and a little bit of water and she and her little wet fingers go to work. She definitely knows what shes doing down there and watching her do it is such a turn on. We hope you enjoy watching Maria make sure she is nice and clean down there as much we - and especially she - did! BY MY SIDE : Lily B. Merry Christmas : Merry Christmas indeed! Who wouldnt want to find the adorable and sexy Shyla under their tree in the morning? Or in their stocking the night before?! Such a cutie with such a supple and sexy body, Shyla is is indeed the perfect gift for the holidays, or any day for that matter! What she does with that candycane is enough to drive anyone crazy, but its what she does after that that really makes it a holiday as she rubs her sweet little pussy until she cums. It really is something special. Consider it our gift to you and hellip and a merry Christmas to all! Enjoy! FUCK ME HARD : Reena is sexy and horny and wants to be fucked. She goes down on him, but doesnt need to. Hes hard and ready to go. First from behind, then on top, Reena wastes no time getting what she wants from him, and Jessy is happy to give it to her. After several positions, and a bit of pussy licking, she gets on her back and he really does fuck her hard and hellip just what she wanted. Come in and watch this hot couple go at it, and at it, and at it. Blonde Ambition : Miela The Pleasure Inside : Ben, Simona PERFECT DAY : Misty S., Tasha R. Join me for breakfast : Breakfast anyone? Well, when Natalie is making it you can be sure itll be good - not because shes a great cook, but because she knows what you like! Before she gets started with the eggs, she gets started on herself, on the counter... mmm... just the way we like it. The way she gently rubs her sweet, soft pussy is enough to make anyone hungry... for her! Imagine waking up to this morning ritual everyday... wed never get any work done! We hope youll take the time in your busy schedule, - perhaps before going to work - to experience the beautiful and voluptuous Natalie give herself a bit of a rub down before breakfast. Enjoy! SUNSET LOVERS : Kaci and Jessy make a good pair and hellip they both enjoy sunsets, and, more importantly, they both enjoy making love by the sunset. And they waste no time getting started. In no time at all, he has dick in her, pounding her sweet, tight pussy. The get lost in each other, and dont stop for one second. Why would they? It feels so good. We wont spoil the end for you. Lets just say and hellip it ends well. Enjoy! Sunday Morning : Watching Tasha, alone in her bed, on this particular Sunday morning was really special. Of course, shes stunningly beautful, but at that time of the morning, the sun beaming through her window, shes even more beautiful - if you can imagine that. Watching her wake up and slowly, but surely, caress herself in bed is what wed all like to wake up next to. Eventually, she works her way down, but after a while cannot stand it anymore so she goes to the drawer for some help waking up. What follows is so sexy... its hard to describe. Thankfully we have the video so we dont have to describe it. Before falling asleep : Tea rolls over in bed. She has had a hard time falling asleep since the breakup with her boyfriend and has begun to feel lonely, even though she was the one who initiated the breakup. And then she realizes - how silly it is to feel lonely - there are so many new people to meet! She imagines a man she saw crossing the street earlier that day. He was handsome, had a sweet smile, and wore casual jeans and a T-shirt. They fit him perfectly and she would have loved to tear them off him right there in the middle of the crosswalk. Now that shes cozy in her bed, she imagines doing just that, and it really turns her on. She loves thinking of him there with her touching her. She decides next time she will stop the cute guy and talk to him - even if its in the middle of the crosswalk! my pleasure : Candy B. Blonde Ambition : When it comes to blondes, there are few as sexy and adorable as Miela. And when it comes to ambition - the ambition to experience pleasure, that is - there are few as ambitious as her too! No matter where she is, or what shes doing, Miela always has the time, and the desire, to experience pleasure. Thankfully for us, we get to capture it on film and bring it to you so everyone can enjoy her joy with her. And what joy it is! Thankfully, she doesnt need much time to get exited, or to feel good. Just a few strokes of her hand on her sweet, tight pussy and shes ready to go. On this occasion, where she went was right to her favorite toy. In and out, up and down and hellip no matter where she put it, she felt the pleasure and the joy. We hope you enjoy watching Miela and her ambition to pleasure herself as much as she did and hellip enjoy! Best Friends : Lilly K., Sunny G. Seduction : Ariel, expert in the art of seduction, is completely naked sitting on a white chair. The wind blows her pretty red hair as she plays with a black dildo across her full breasts. Her hands press against her milky skin creating with erotic motions. The dildo is quickly inside her and she spreads her more open to facilitate its access. The wind blows, the speed quickens, and her gasps become more audible. Her face is intent as she adjusts her legs to the side. And then her behind is to us and the dildo practically disappears inside her. Its a lovely windy day to see Ariel treat herself so well. And a joy for us to see her take herself to full ecstasy. Juicy Love : Anissa Kate, Lutro SUMMER BREEZE : Miela SUMMER BREEZE : Ah, Miela and hellip adorable and sexy as ever. And thankfully, just as horny! We love Miela because she has no problem baring it all whenever she feels like it. And we love capturing it! For this outing, its all her, and her hand, and her sweet, sweet pussy - and it sure is sweet. Watching her touch and rub herself is such a turn on. She really knows what shes doing. Whatever the position, she manages to give herself the most pleasure every time and hellip and this time is no exception as she cums so beautifully. We hope you enjoy watching this blonde beauty enjoy the summer breeze, and herself, as much as she did! Enjoy! Quick Affair : Avril H., Logan P. Bathroom Fantasy : Watching Tea is like watching your girlfriend we wish! in the bathroom... she is that comfortable in front of the camera. Its as if she is preparing herself for your arrival home so the two of you can continue what she has already started... and dreaming of you all the while.When she kisses the mirror, its obvious she wishes she were kissing you.This sensuous beauty is soft, slow, and gentle with herself and its so beautiful - and such a turn on - to watch... with no rush and nowhere to be - in fact, its obvious she does not want to be anywhere else. Talk about something to come home to... a beautiful, sexy gal like Tea getting herself all wet and ready to be ravaged by you when you get there. Whew! We hope you enjoy this bathroom fantasy as much as we did... and as much as she did... Sex and Lies : Lara and Suzie are about to show you what it means to be two girls in love. In this stunningly shot video they undress each other, their dark hair and blonde hair mixing in full excitement for the pleasures to come. They havent seen each other in a while, and are so happy to see each other that their hands are always on the others body in a continual dance. Youve happened to round the corner, catching them right in the middle of their joyous and erotic reunion. They are happy you are watching and hellip it turns them on even more! interview : Wow... hearing the adorable Caprice talk about herself in her own language is so sexy. She has no inhibitions when it comes to talking about her body, her beautiful pussy, and her perfect breasts. As she says, They are just right. Yes they are Caprice! And then it gets even better as she shows us how she likes to please herself. Youll see in a few seconds she says... and she is not kidding... as she proceeds to rub her pretty pussy until she cums... PRIVATE : Meet Riley. Shes come into your office for an interview and responds to your questions. Shes single, lives in LA, and loves to travel. She personally invites you to talk with her in private about her life and sexual preferences. Enjoy her sweet smile, laugh, and cute body curled up on the chair. But she knows what you really want to see, and after the interview, she quickly takes off her clothing and gets started in showing you what she means by intimate, personal, and private masturbation. Riley uses her purple dildo and leans back in her interview chair she loves opening up and showing you her secrets. deep pleasure : It just doesnt get any cuter than the adorable Caprice. As cute, maybe, but not cuter. Not only is she cute, but shes also very sexy, and when she is sexiest is when she is pleasuring herself. Deeply pleasuring herself. She may be shy around people in her every day life, but when she is alone she is anything but. In this video, she starts right away and hellip rubbing her sweet, tight pussy. Its such a turn on. Pretty soon, she brings out her vibrator and the pleasuring really begins. Watching her cum is so exiting. She enjoys it so much. We hope you do as well and hellip Sensual : Celeste Irresistible : Stacey is imagining herself a prisoner in a rich mans castle at the top of a cliff. Its the fantasy that always turns her on the most. Shes been left alone there, naked, hair streaming over her shoulder. This man is married, but Stacey has always known that he is wildly attracted to her just by the way he looks at her. And this time he has whisked her in the middle of a dinner party saying I just cant wait anymore. They go up the cliffside to where it is windy, and he lets her alone in the room to get comfortable. So Stacey takes off all her clothes and imagines he is about to enter... STAY INSIDE : Jessy Aperitif : Ariel is ready for a little aperitif. She delicately dips her hand in a wine glass and rubs the liquid on her breasts, and downwards over her tummy. She warms herself up. Licking her own breasts. She pours streams of water down her behind that make wet pathways over her delicious body. She has found a dildo that she licks with all her sensuality, showing you just what a mouth as sophisticated and sensual as hers can do. And then she begins moving the dildo around inside her. Sweet Ariel sighs and groans with pleasure. And at the end she asks, and ldquoone more time? and rdquo WET TIMES : Lily B. is horny and wet as always and hellip and ready to get even more wet as she uses her special toy to cum as much as she can and hellip and boy does she! She cums over and over again and hellip squirting her sweet pussy juice every time. Watching this sexy gal shiver with ecstasy as she cums over and over again is so hot. If you dont mind getting wet, then Lily is the girl for you. We can only hope you enjoy watching her get wet as much as she did! Enjoy! Lazy Sunday : Seeing how Mietta spends her Sunday makes one wish every day was Sunday! Talk about hot... Mietta is that, and more. Watching her rub her beautiful pussy and give herself pleasure is such a turn on. It was hard to keep calm while filming this... shes so inviting... all by herself... on the couch... legs wide open... maybe shell be joined next time by someone who can help take care of her needs . Until then, its just you and her, relaxing and having a good time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Enjoy! Watching Me : When we asked the beautiful Zelda to do a photo video with us we did not know what to expect. All we knew was that she was beautiful, and sexy, and open to trying things. We were setting up for an outdoor shoot but decided - thankfully - to take some test shots of her as she looked at herself in the mirror... making sure she still has the same beautiful slender body shes always had. Pretty soon, her clothes are off and she starts looking... and exploring, more deeply. In no time, she is touching herself and losing herself in pleasure. Thank god we had the camera rolling! We hope you enjoy watching the beautiful and sexy Zelda watch herself. We sure did! orange : The only thing better than watching beautiful woman take a shower is what DeFrancesca does when she is done -and she doesnt waste any time either. Right after she turns the faucet off, she grabs the nearest toy and begins turning herself on. But thats not enough for her, so she lathers up again and uses the shower head... and her fingers... as the toy. This girl certainly knows how to please herself, and we are blessed to be able to capture it for you. So sit back, relax, and watch the sultry and sexy Defrancesca do what she does best.... cumming over : Kristof, Milena D. alone at home : Who wouldnt like to be alone at home with Tegan... especially when she is this horny. That sweet pussy... those perfectly supple breasts... her soft, sweet moans of Watching her touch herself is so hot and the fact that she is so beautiful makes it that much better. She doesnt need any help, but it would sure be nice to help her. Maybe next time. In the meantime, we can all enjoy the next best thing... and we hope that you do... we know she did. Enjoy! HAPPY ENDING : Whenever we spend time with the beautiful and sexy Maria she has a good time and hellip and this is no exception. This time its up to Tommy to give it to her and hellip and give it to her he does. Whether its his tongue or his fingers in her sweet sweet pussy, she loves it - and it shows. She could go all day and hellip and so could we! Hearing her moan as her pussy gets so much attention is really sexy. And when she cums and hellip well, we wont ruin it for you. Youll just have to see it for yourself! Enjoy! what i really like : It doesnt get any cuter, or sexier, than hearing Hayden talk about what she likes - about herself, about how she likes to be touched, about who she is... its just wonderful. Watching her disrobe as she talks about whats underneath is even better. And whats even better is watching her touch herself the way she likes to be touched. Yes, it just keeps getting better and better! And thats exactly how we like it. Come in and see for yourself what Hayden likes... were sure youll like it too... ABANDONED : Its really simple and hellip Lily is horny and wants to be filled. Her boyfriend is too busy to come over so she takes matters into her own hands and hellip literally. With no time to waste - or reason to waste it - she starts rubbing her sweet pussy right away, licking her fingers and getting it even more wet than it already is. She does such a good job at it that she cums sooner than she expected to and hellip but no worries, shes so horny she keeps going and cums even harder the next time and hellip its so hot and hellip you really have to see it for yourself and hellip and we hope that you do. Enjoy. relax me : What starts off as a innocent massage between two friends turns into a passionate exchange that is so hot... so sexy, so exiting... words cannot do it justice. Wow... thats the only word that comes to mind at the moment. They are so attracted to each other, and that attraction makes every moment they have together sizzle. Watching these two beautiful babes give and receive pleasure is really something special. If only we could all relax this way! Well, you can, by watching this sultry, sexy video of Celeste and Natalie. Enjoy! My Lovely Housewife : Lucy H., Sylvan hot massage : There are few things more sensuous and hellip and satisfying and hellip than a good massage - especially one with a happy ending! Its clear that Tarra is enjoying herself, but she wants more and has no trouble leading Angelos hand to where she really wants it and hellip her beautiful pussy. The oil sure does help as she guides his hand and keeps it where she wants it. She really needs this and Angelo is more than happy to oblige her and hellip something Tarra will be very grateful for very soon. Thankfully for her - and for us - she wasnt afraid to let him know what really needed massaging. Come in and see Tarra get her hot massage and hellip and her happy ending. Enjoy! MELLOW TIME : Its amazing how comfortable and uninhibited Jana J. is with her body - and how comfortable she is showing it to us. Within the first minute, what little she has on is off and she and her toy get right to work. It doesnt take long for her to start feeling good and she is not shy about letting us know. Her soft moans are sweet and sexy - like her - as she gently penetrates her beautifully shaven pussy. What can one say about such a beauty - other than Wow! and Thank you!. Well, thats what we say anyway. We hope you feel the same way. MY SAPHIRE : Watching the stunningly beautiful Renee in such an uninhibited way is always a treat. This time though, she has her own little treat - a saphire treat - which she uses to her ultimate pleasure. It would be quite enough to watch this frisky young beauty touch herself without anything extra needed, but Renee goes the extra mile and shares her pleasure in doing so. Those eyes, that smile, that perfectly shaped body, the way she laughs and looks in the camera at those very special moments... its quite something to behold. Its clear she is enjoying herself, but it also seems she enjoys herself because were watching... which makes watching her all the more wonderful. take me : Who wouldnt want to take the sexy Victoria - anywhere she wanted to go?!! Its so great how open and uninhibited she is about what she wants. We love that. And what she wanted was to be taken. Thankfully,thats just what he did. After going down on her, finger and tongue in her sweet pussy, he takes her from behind... and thats only the beginning. Watching these two together was very exiting. Victoria really enjoyed herself - which made us enjoy it that much more. We hope you do as well. Enjoy! Stormy Passions : Katie G. Green : Eufrat is alone and finds herself outside of a wood cabin at the top of a hillside. This farm is the perfect setting to indulge her secret fantasies and after a look in each direction, she gets down to business. She uses a wood pole as support for her bodys gyrations. Its quiet on the hillside save for the breath of youthful Eufrat as the pleasure she is feeling increases. She lays her silk sheet down on the grass in front of her and immediately kneels down on it and begins rubbing herself more intensely. She pulls out a white dildo and you can see the look of ecstasy on her face as it increases pleasure, and the expression of her entire body as it culminates her pleasure. KINKY MOMENTS : Jennifer W. Siesta : Fiva is on a bench inside, and ready to take a Siesta. To start off, she takes off her cute grey halter top to reveal her lovely breasts. And then her pants smoothly slip off. She gets comfy and ready to give herself the real siesta she deserves. And she smiles, because she knows she deserves a treat! Fiva leans over and pulls a clear glass dildo from her hidden stash and immediately goes into action with it. She wastes no time enabling it to further give her the pleasure she is so desiring right now. In and out it goes, and then she rubs it over her lovely body. And then she explores her other openings. And in the end and ndash thats what Fiva calls a real Siesta! SWEET AFTERNOON : How could it not be a sweet afternoon with Celeste and Lena? Watching them enjoy each others company is quite exiting and were so lucky they let us capture so we could show it to you! These two really like each other and hellip and it shows. They cant seem to get enough of each other. Lucky for us! 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