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Ron Harris
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Visit these sites for more: Votes:
Fine Art Teens 650
Hot Girls 4 All 361
Teenies 326
Abby Winters Girls 298
Pure Scans 241
Nude Teen List 227
Cute Petite Nudes 169
Nice Teen Models 135
Golden Links 131
Petite Nudes 121
All Teen Nudes 92
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Petite Nude Models 86
Clam\'s Cuties 79
HQ Links 75
Young Teen Galleries 74
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Petite Young Babes 61
Petite Teen Girls 59
Teen Models 58
Natural Nudists 57
Hometown Nudes 55
Tiny Tits 43
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Naked Teens 40
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Petite Nude Teen 30
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Tension The Date Presenting Avrora Steamy Hot Prince Of The Full Moon Enfoque Mizu Presenting Tofana Presenting Lily SexArt Style The Rickshaw : When I was visiting in China I used to see a lone Rickshaw driver trotting through the little village I stayed in. I saw him almost every day, and each time he had a beautiful woman in tow. One day my friends and I decided to follow him to see where he was taking these beautiful women. We followed through the fields along the gravel road where he finally stopped by this special place in the mountains. There he made love to these beautiful women under the sun in full view of nature. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Now with Jessie and Logans help, I have recreated the scene as best I could to show you what I saw that sunny afternoon in the mountains. I present to you, The Rickshaw. Devote : Two souls with a powerful connection, Lily and Denis makes a beautiful masterpiece in the video Devote. The chemistry between the them is really strong, as evident with the way they kiss and hold each other. And they seem to be perfectly matched. Lily is a pretty blonde with the gorgeous blue eyes, sensual lips, and a great body with wonderful proportions. Denis on the other hand is a handsome man with the athletic physique and tall, lanky stature. Watching them making passionate love in the kitchen will take your breath away. Gentle Rush : Simona was all alone in the house and she decided to pass the time reading a romantic novel. The passionate scene between the protagonist and his lover just totally turned her on that she started fantasizing and touching herself. Her pink, shaved pussy is already wet and horny when her boyfriend Bob finds her after coming home early from work. Not being able to resist to the temptation, Bob joins her to make her fantasies come true. Like the gentle but passionate hero in the novel, he made cum over and over again. Wet on Wet Pergola Liquid Passion Omorfa Undercover Dangerous Flower Shop Carpe Diem Elpida Rumors Lagno De Lounge II New Love The Cove The Writer : It was a great Sunday morning but Dillons boyfriend is busy writing his erotic scripts due Monday. A naughty girl she is, Dillon decides to give her boyfriend a little extra inspiration and starts teasing him in bed. Wearing a delicate white lace dress, she poses seductively with an inviting smile on her face. Unable to resist the temptation, the boyfriend jumps to bed and makes passionate love to Dillon. Shangri La : Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise but particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia, a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world. In the novel Lost Horizon, the people who live at Shangri-La are almost immortal, living years beyond the normal lifespan and only very slowly aging in appearance.Here Marie McCray has found her little piece of utopia, that little corner where she can be alone to explore her body and her sexuality. Its only after she reaches orgasmic levels of pleasure that Micheal Vegas enters to make passionate love to Marie. Hes there to give her sexual pleasures only experienced in Shangri-La. Explosiva Serbare SexArt Ink : Cameron met William on a tattoo convention when she competed for the Best Back Piece category. William was one of the judges that day and the sultry blonde model instantly caught his fancy. After the convention, they chatted and flirted for awhile before he invited her to his house. The lusty attraction between them is undeniably strong that they cant wait to tear the clothes off each other. William just cant resist Camerons irresistable allure. He sucks hungrily on her pink, puffy tits before feasting on her smooth, delectable pussy. She tasted so sweet and her small pussy is really tight too as he slides his hard, throbbing cock inside her. Fucking her all afternoon is an experience hell never forget. Caprice A Camisaby Koenart : Caprice A masturbates on her dining room table Sinful Melano Fidelity Rilee Marks Maximoby Max Churchill : Rilee Marks makes use of her ruby studded pink vibrator and watches herself masturbate. Summertime : While some have memories of summer time like hot and humid weather, uncomfortable feeling , and unbearable heat, my memories of summer are always erotic and very passionate. It started when I met this beautiful redhead who was staying next door for vacation. We would always hang out, spending all afternoon chatting and having refreshments in the sala. But one special afternoon, she brought a bottle of white wine, saying her vacation will end soon and she wants to make our afternoons extra special until she leaves. We may had too much wine because the next thing I know, we were kissing passionately and she has already unzipped my pants. The way she sucked hungrily on my cock is mind-blowing and her pussy is unbelievably tight and very wet as I penetrate her from behind. We had passionate sex every afternoon until before she left. On the day she leaving town, she naughtily whispered to my ear, see you next summer. Presenting Ennu White Room : There is a room in the SexArt mansion we call the White Room. I use it when I want to film something beautiful, something special. This time I used the White Room to showcase Casey Calvert and her very first boygirl scene anywhere on any screen, large or small.An hour or so before she shot her first scene, Casey was sitting in the makeup room getting ready. As the makeup team was primping her lips, hair and nails, I walked into the room leading with my usual silly ice breaker jokes. Casey looked up at me and smiled warmly with a gleam of excitement in her eyes. Now was the time to have a serious talk with her and not make her any more apprehensive than she might already be. Since Casey had never filmed a boygirl scene before, she was full of questions about how it was going to go and what I needed from her and so on.I smiled back at her and said, just be honest. Dont fake it. We dont want to see you cum, we want to see you lose yourself in your sexuality. If you cum, let it be what it is. Dont try to perform for us. If you can truly lose yourself in sexual pleasure and let go of your inhibitions, you will be amazing. You will hear my voice, but dont think of me as a director, think of me as a guide to your sexuality. You could tell from her eyes she totally understood what I was saying. Casey is not only beautiful, she is very charming and very intelligent. She could easily be a lawyer or a doctor with the kind of head she carries on her shoulders. Lucky for us she wants to share her sexuality with the world, and lucky for us here at SexArt, her first movie is under my watch.Sit back and become a voyeur as my cameras slowly soak up this stunning beauty in her first boygirl scene. Watch as our lenses gently cover every inch of this rare beauty, then stay with her as she pleases herself to the heights of a creamy orgasm. And just when you think Casey can take no more, Logan steps in to show her yet another new level of heightened sexual pleasure. Not only is Surprise A Girl Thing Nest So 60s Meeken Tantra Nigrita Kelari Cordela Wet Dreams Pastel Embrace Vacillant Sexy Treat Wedding Day Denisa Heaven Placidaby Koenart : Denisa Heaven slips off her panties and slips in her studded glass dildo Draw Me Rodeo Drive Privacy Thetiko Whispers Shame : Shame is a word that is not part of Alissons vocabulary. This beautiful brunette with the pretty face and gorgeous body has a way of getting what she wants. Thats why when she met Martin on a bar, it didnt take too long before she wraps her finger around him. The handsome man instantly fell to the wicked charms of the alluring woman with the flirty smile and mesmerizing green eyes, playfully sipping her cocktail while sitting seductively on a high stool. When Alisson finally devised the plan to seduce him to spend the night in her apartment, she made sure hell have the night hell never forget! The Bait De Lounge : Kris comes home to find his girlfriend Casey masturbating in the living rooms sofa. He quietly tiptoed into the room so as not to disturb her. Casey is wearing a bright pink bra and panty that perfectly accentuates her feminine beauty. Shes sprawled comfortably on top of the sofa, caressing her body with her hands. The fireplace is lively with lighted wood, creating a romantic ambiance. Casey slowly strips off her underwear, revealing her full, perky breasts and wet pussy. Her boyfriend Kris watches in delight as she masturbates with so much passion. The sight of her moaning so loud, her body arching upwards as she stroke her sensitive clit is so arousing that Kris cant resist the temptation of joining her. Brothel Confier Always Hot Monimo Fulfil Ivory : There are many sides to Charlotte Stokely, the funny Charlotte, the cute Charlotte, the sexy Charlotte and the sincere Charlotte. There is also the erotic Charlotte, this Charlotte is perhaps the most powerful, most alluring, and most sexual of all the women here at SexArt. Watch Charlotte, turn the bath into a steamy seduction of erotic pleasure like no one else can, in Ivory. Spark Man, Chrome Girl Ignite Sinadizo Janelle B Fountainby Alan Forza : Janelle B rocks her yellow boots, soaks her body down, and cums from the water pressure beating against her pussy Hayden Hawkens and Malena Morgan Ms. Morgan and Haydenby Kaden : Hayden Hawkins and Malena Morgan watch each other masturbate under the cabana Miela A Eternelby Koenart : Miela gets hot and horny at the spa and starts rubbing herself. Presenting Aktomara Gusta : Mia looks sweet yet naughty in her sheer black lingerie as she perches near the window. With a coy smile on her pretty face, she slowly undresses her diaphenous top, revealing her beautiful breasts with pink nipples and a cute thong that accentuates her sexy butt. She makes a couple of sexy poses towards the camera before stripping off her panty and spreading her legs wide open to showcase her delectably pink and moist pussy. Attraction Larimar Open Book Calesma The Score Beata B Debutby Koenart : Beata B takes off her panties in the kitchen, grabs her blue dildo, and makes herself cum Presenting Soko Presenting Lyala Elite Soul Mates Elle Alexandra and Malena Morgan Envueltoby Max Churchill : Steaming hot, raunchy lesbian action with Malena and Elle pleasing each other passionately. Rite Abra So 60s Tantra Imaginations Spy Game Snow Fun - Still Enough Time Upper West Side : Back in the 80s I purchased a loft on the Upper West Side of New York City. Its a place where I encourage artists gather to express themselves with paint and chalk while bending words into abstract poems that tickle the mind and soothe the spirit. Its a place where free expression is the law, and inhibitions are left at the door... my door. I was so pleased to meet Capri Anderson. Shes very close with a dear friend of mine, Tyler Nixon. When I heard that they were good friends and lovers I invited them over to my New York Loft for some fun and free spirit sex in front of my cameras. What we captured was a true connection, even perhaps a little love, and some very hot sex play. Tune in to see what happened in the Upper West Side. Vlema Stoned Clavo : As if to reflect the sets elegant ambience, this alluring beauty evokes sophisticated but playful maiden in front of the camera. Sweet and youthful, Katherine is the main character in the series Clavo. She imagines herself seducing a handsome cassanova she met at a social party. Garbed in a classy white cocktail dress and sheer stockings, her thick crown of long brown hair frames her pretty face, cascading over her slender shoulders and small but supple breasts. Without losing her elegant style, her intent gaze and slightly parted soft lips are inviting. Her provocative poses conveys pure lustful desires. Latido Red Light District Roux White Room II : Theres a very special place inside the SexArt mansion called the The White Room where all of your inhibitions magically melt away. Elaina invited her boyfriend to spend a weekend in the mansion and they booked the White Room overnight. As soon as they settled down inside the room, Elainas boyfriend headed straight to the shower to freshen up. Elaina removes her clothes excitedly and started caressing her body. Starting with her small but sensitive breasts until her hands reach her smooth, shaven pussy. By the time her boyfriend has finished taking a shower, Elaina is already wet and super horny. He allowed her to suck his hard, meaty cock before penetrating her from behind. Hot Experience : Tools of their trade in hand, two hotel chambermaids climb the stairs to a luxury suite their work day is about to begin. As the maids played by Mia Knox and Silvie Deluxe perform their many chores the mood is all business, two women working hard to earn a living. They work separately, autonomously, dusting, cleaning, attending to all the little details expected at a hostelry such as this one. When it comes time to make the bed teamwork is required, however. One holds the duvet while the other tends to the sheets. But when a pillow is repositioned and reveals a sex toy left behind by the rooms occupants the workaday atmosphere evaporates and the two maids take a spontaneous sex break. Their attraction to one another is obvious and sincere, but they are on the job, after all, so the pace is quick not a minute wasted. Silvie sets to work on Mia with focus and intensity. First she uses only her fingers and mouth, but once shes primed her partner she puts the dildo to its intended use with high energy and no lack of enthusiasm. After achieving the desired results the tables turn and Mia pours on the passion while servicing her companion. Once theyve satisfied their mutual hunger its back to work but the powerful pleasures of this Hot Experience will linger on and on. Ekdos : Lennox doesnt need a grandiose set, lavish clothes, or even shiny accessories to accentuate her beauty. This gorgeous brunette with the perfectly tanned complexion, round breasts with puffy nipples, sexy butt, smooth, tight pussy, and enviable svelte legs, is like a goddess with enchanting beauty. Her presence in every frame is simply breathtaking. With her natural beauty coupled by her effortless allure, she will surely stir your erotic desires and awaken your deepest fantasies. Double Games Fraula Good Vibrations Above The Clouds Needy Licentious Gypsy Fortune Rilee Marks Gebenby Kaden : After her morning cup of coffee, Rilee is so relaxed, she decided to masturbate right then and there. Kosmima Firebird Vegas Michelle H Candidby Marco Simoncelli : Michelle shamelessly spreads her smooth, shaven pussy lips wide open. At The Movies Vanda B Prothimoby Catherine : Vanda spreads her pussy wide open and licks her pussy juice off her fingers. Welcome Esnatu Reverie Perasma Horizon Kitro By The Fountain Love Me High Heels Morena Piotiko Glass Primal Cassie Laine Presenting Cassieby Kaden : Casie reaches a creamy orgasm by finger fucking herself on top of the bed. Supra Subil A De Factoby Albert Varin : Subil wants to try out her brand new, and very large ribbed dildo.. it does the job! Concierge Pleasures Me Time Meleti Dido A and Tess B Pelucheby Don Caravaggio : Dido A and Tess B make love to each other in one of the most erotic lesbian scenes ever. Monika F Alegreby Koenart : While on vacation, Monika F has the place to herself, and decides to enjoy not only her alone time, but her tight shaved pussy Be My Slave Lingerie Visage Idalma Spirto White Secret : The face we present to the public, and the way we behave in society or in the workplace, isnt necessarily an accurate reflection of who we really are, or what we actually desire. This fundamental truth provides the subtle background against which director Alis Locantas White Secret unfolds. The outside world feels far away and their public personalities are a distant memory as Kitty Jane and Mia Knox meet to share their most private and passionate desires. As the clandestine lovers caress and kiss, Locantas camera joins them behind the locked doors of the boudoir and moves easily across and under the soft sheets to capture both the romantic intimacy and the feverish passion that binds them together. Ranging from sweet, innocent, and intimate, to boldly and brazenly explicit, this is lovemaking that knows no bounds woman to woman, uninhibited, ravenous. Leave the outside world behind and enter the private realm of White Secret, its a place youll never want to leave and wont soon forget. Undercover Dangerous III in Petrify : In our last communication we learned that the evil Dr. Sharkray kidnapped Jasmine W in an attempt to manipulate the CIA. But Agent William Dangerous infiltrated the Sharkray compound and rescued Jasmine throwing Dr. Sharkray into a rage. He flipped the switch on the laser he developed while at the CIA, knocking out the worlds satellites and plunging the entire globe into quiet darkness.Now with the world in chaos, rogue molecular scientist, Susan Beman, code name, Petrified Kitty, takes the main stage. It was rumored that Petrified Kitty was working on a gas that could calcify organic matter, in essence turning living matter into stone, but it was never confirmed.Petrified Kitty was in love with Special Agent Strong, one of the CIAs top operatives and Agent Dangerous partner and friend in the US. Petrified Kitty let it be known that she was in love with Agent Strong but he rejected her, sending Petrified Kitty into a crazed rage. Now bitter and in league with Dr. Sharkray, the terms have been made clear. If the CIA wants the satellites turned back on then they must deliver Special Agent Strong to the petrified lair of Petrified Kitty for revenge. With Agent Dangerous busy saving Jasmine, Agent Strong heads off the lair where he is captured, cuffed, and made to serve the Petrified Kitty in, Undercover Dangerous, Petrify. Susciter Empiria Desire : No matter what it is, what you call it, or how you define it sex, intimacy, connection, romance, release, passion, communion, orgasm, or love when you feel sexual desire nothing else matters. Thats the theme and thrust of Andrej Lupins Desire. It starts simply enough. Bella Baby is preening, primping, and preparing for a date. Every detail is calculated to arouse, and once shes ready shes not only emotionally prepared, shes also dressed to thrill. Mr. Jacob arrives right on time and rather than waste time at dinner or a movie they head straight for the one thing they both crave so urgently private time on the bed back at his place. The urges driving Desire are powerful but they are never rushed. When Mr. Jacob eats Bella Baby hes not only priming her for what is yet to come, hes also enjoying the sweet, moist flavor of her pink flesh. And when the ultimate connection is finally achieved it, too, is enjoyed to the fullest. Cries of ecstasy fill the night, skin glows with heat and sweat, two hearts beat as one, and orgasms are both plentiful and powerful in Desire. Emowant Presenting Milana Melancholy Meandros Melancholy Cape Town Sensitive Vitrina Pulse : Andrej Lupins Pulse marks Ariel Piper Fawns forth appearance at SexArt. Shes also a prolific and popular model at MetArt, where shes appeared in dozens of galleries. But no matter the venue or the medium, Ariel never fails to make a powerful impression. In Pulse, teamed with busty blonde beauty Monika A, the crimson-haired heartbreaker heats up the screen like never before. As the soundtrack thumps propulsively, Pulse begins with a stylish view of a fashion show in progress. Two stunning models strut the catwalk and work the audience with skilled and knowing professionalism. But a rivalry is brewing. Push comes to shove and tempers flare. Backstage an argument escalates and the conflict threatens to boil over. But instead of throwing a punch Ariel unexpectedly plants a kiss, and what might have become a catfight becomes something just as physical, but far more pleasurable. As fevers build, fingers and mouths are replaced by a powerful vibrator which Ariel and Monika utilize in numerous eye-opening and orgasm-inducing ways. With its stunning beauty, sizzling Sapphic sexuality, high fashion, high art, and high style, Pulse is high octane erotica. Lonely Day : You may be an expert in female autoeroticism. You may have studied the art and practice of feminine self-pleasure in a personal setting or viewed it in films and videos. To ready yourself for Lonely Day forget everything you know about the subject, erase everything youve seen, and prepare for a truly eye-opening, mind-altering, aestheticerotic cinematic experience quite unlike anything youve ever witnessed. With their latest production for SexArt, Paul and Ilona Black deliver a compact, concentrated, and exquisitely intense exploration of explosively satisfying solo masturbation. The voluptuous and hauntingly beautiful Emily J. delivers a breathtaking performance in this visually stunning, achingly erotic, and utterly impressive cinematic sexual tour de force. Stylish, edgy, inventive, and powerful, Lonely Day sets a new standard for single girl erotica. Cyan In The Night : Elle Alexandra and Casey are best friends who are also secret lovers. Casey heard that Elle was in town spending a vacation and she cant resist to pay her a visit. She contacted Elle and they both agreed to meet at their rendezvous point in a private hotel. Their longing for each was so intense that they made passionate love right there in the hotels driveway. Dido A Pressioneby Don Caravaggio : Dido preps her pussy with a little finger fucking before enjoying a glass dildo. Optasia Bisous Undenied X as in sex : While some women feels hot and sexy on silky satin lingerie and dainty lace, Lyala prefers fishnet lingerie. Her smooth, fair body loves the tingling feeling of fishnet pressing on her sensitive skin. And when she wears them, you could expect that shell be feeling all erotic and horny all over. Fishnet mean sex and she knows shell definitely get a release. Hollywood Royale Presenting NIkita No Taboo Perfect Timing Last Night : Elle is leaving town for a while, perhaps never to return. Rilee spent the day helping her pack and tying up all the loose ends. They worked so long and hard that by the time they hit the bed they both fell asleep. But Elle wasnt going to leave without playing with Rilee one last time. Together they share one last goodbye as only two beautiful women can. Zevgari Fusion Apantiso SexArt Drive Simona A Presenting Simonaby Albert Varin : Simona A takes off her purple panties, and takes her vibrator deep into her tight pussy The Expressionist Vanda B Home Aloneby Catherine : Vanda B is home alone, and this time she breaks out her think dildo and masturbates Need You Flesta Rodo Erotas Presenting Paulette

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